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Making Money With An Online Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping and eCommerce Stores

You’d think that without having any products you can’t start a business. After-all, you have to have something to sell. Not so with drop shipping! Figuring out how to get products that will sell and how to get them to customers is a task.

The internet offers one many opportunities to answer all your business questions. You could do the time-consuming thing and create your own products or you could consider bulk buying and ship to customers. Investing all that money is risky and expensive, especially when you need to find the best pick and pack warehouse in South Carolina.

There is a solution that makes the startup process of an ecommerce business simpler and without all the risk. Drop shipping has taken the online world by storm. This is the most low-risk method of starting your own online business and its also fast and easy to set up. 

Industry watchers state that 20 to 30 percent of online businesses are using drop shipping. Although estimates vary, its a proven business model. If you choose to follow this route you’ll be in good company with the likes of Amazon and many other good drop shipping companies.

Drop shipping allows you to sell almost any product in any niche without having to deal with the hassles that go with traditional businesses.

Storage of products can be very costly and entails huge amounts of inventory, rental space or a garage filled with boxes. Packaging products throughout the day and then shipping them to many different locations. Transporting these to the post office, sounds impossible. 

The best part is that you don’t have to outlay any funds upfront for the purchase of products to resell, when you don’t know whether they will sell! Drop shipping ensures you avoid the risk of potential loss of any capital investment.

How It All Works

You will work with a distributor or wholesaler that offers a drop shipping service. Many manufacturers and wholesalers offer this type of service. Marketing your business is handled by you. You can set up a virtual storefront on Amazon or your own website with a shopping cart. You make the contacts and prospective customers, do email marketing, social media and write your blog. It is your job to persuade customers that your products will enrich their lives. All the advertising, marketing and promotion is in your hands.

However, when the product has to be packaged and sent to fulfill the customer order, the drop shipper has it in hand. You forward the orders you’ve received and pay the wholesale prices. This is submitted online, by email or spread sheet. The inventory is in their warehouse and they put the order together and ship it to the customer. Its done and there is a handling fee of between $2-$5. This is over and above the wholesale price and the shipping cost. 

Although this may seem high, it is possible to still remain profitable as a drop shipping business. Raising your prices will increase your profits. Selling greater volume will also help. Negotiating a lower handling fee with good drop shipping companies is also an option. You must bare in mind that you are only paying these fees if you sell an item and you’re not risking any money outlay upfront.

The Role of Technology & Brokers in Real Estate for Renting Dental Offices

The Role of Technology & Brokers in Real Estate for Renting Dental Offices

The world of brokers in Real Estate has undergone a paradigm shift over the last two decades. It no longer includes visiting their offices numerous times and spending your precious time in visiting different apartments. The internet has taken over the world by storm. The real estate dealers are implementing the latest trends in technology to stay in the competition. They are using newer strategies to generate leads and improve their customer database today. Real estate marketing today, has gone beyond email and has moved to blog writing and use SEO strategies to optimize their website and reach out many more customers.

The customers do not have to visit the realtors physically, at least in the initial stages. They can interact with the brokers and also virtually visit the National Healthcare Realty dental office spaces. 3D technology is another factor which has added to the real estate marketing strategy. This is highly beneficial for not only foreign dentists but also for the local dentists as they have little time to spend in searching out office spaces physically. The 3D images of the properties enable the dentists to experience and feel as if they are in the real space. In short, the dentists will be �physically’ present in the apartments to be rented with the help of virtual reality. Let’s go through some of the salient features of technology in real estate:

· Transparency: The most important point is that you can have access to almost all the information for free on the modern real estate websites. The details are usually specific and cover all the details within limited space. After all, we have bypassed the world where vital information was locked up and brought out only when the papers were signed. The dentists can trust the information pertaining to availability, price and area provided by the registered websites.

· Speed: When you are physically dealing with a real estate agent it may take you months to complete a transaction. So, what should you do? Wait for months before you can start practising in the new area? Of course, not. The solution is just a click away. Compare the losses you will inculcate with the time taken to finalize a deal with the help of modern technology. You will never look back at the traditional methods and will even advise your friends to take the help of an experienced real estate agent. 

· Leasing efficiency: The renowned real estate offices employ experienced and professional brokers. Thus, you will be incorporated in an efficient search system. You can easily call up the broker while you are browsing through the floor plans and other data in the mobile app. What is more? You do not need to print out every document regarding the lease. Everything will be sent to you via email and you can store them in the cloud. This ensures easy retrieval of the documents whenever required.

· Marketing: As mentioned earlier, the world of real estate had entered into the arena of digital marketing ever since the widespread use of the internet. The dentists will find it easy to navigate through the real estate website and the terms and conditions of leasing an office space are given in details. The procedure has thus become cost-effective.

· Real time data: The virtual world is linked to the real world in ways you cannot even imagine. The renowned real estate websites are always up-to-date and you can notice even the minute changes. Therefore, it is easy to know which property is available at what time and the cost of the lease. Beforehand, the research was limited to a few sites as covering larger areas often proved to be excessively costly. Well, the real estate agents have left behind those days long ago. Real time data has proven to be the game changer for this arena.

Leasing a good apartment is one the most important business decisions that a dentist has to take. But neither can he afford to lose precious time behind this. The only solution is to hire a real estate broker dealing in commercial spaces. Let’s look at the importance of hiring a Real Estate agent when searching for Dental Office Space for rent.

· The topmost criterion when you are on the lookout for dental office spaces is location. The dentist’s chamber should be centrally located such that it is easy for people to access during an emergency. A commercial broker from a renowned real estate agency will make sure that you get a centrally located area. It is also important for your business. A good real estate agent will keep in mind about the space required to accommodate all the equipment related to your profession when showing the �To Let’ apartments.

· The real estate agents understand how difficult it is for you to search office spaces manually. After a hard day’s work, you may feel too tired to go through the myriad options displayed over the internet. The real estate agent can be of great help when it comes to choosing the office space for lease. They will keep your preferences in mind when narrowing down the search for you. You can surf through the selected options at your own time once you have hired an agent.

· The broker is more informed about the on-going rates in the market. They are also better equipped to negotiate prices and you do not have to worry about bargaining with the owner. In fact, you will be saved from paying exorbitant prices to the owner for the office apartment. You will also come to know more about the market properties when seeking the help of a good broker.

· Some legal paperwork is also involved when it comes to renting a property. The real estate agents have connections that will ensure that all the legalities are completed efficiently, within the time. You do not have to wear out your shoes by going to the court every day.

The domain of real estate has truly changed with the advancement of technology. The agents have become tech savvy and give out real time information regarding office spaces to their clients. In fact, the dentists can crosscheck the provided information if they are unsure about trusting the agency. But due to the transparent nature of the internet, you should not have trust issues. They will also make sure that you have adequate lighting for ministering your patients. The real estate agents will also see that the place has adequate parking spaces.

Miley and Katy

Upcoming Rock Concerts in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh residents can watch out for the August line up of star studded events. This summer holiday will leave a lot of memories for all rock lovers so buy concert tickets online to save time and money. You should miss out on the biggest ones that will happen because you didn’t know that it happened or got the ticket late. Some of the rock events will happen before august while the other events will happen after august. Rock lovers will have memories of a lifetime and the greatest august of all time. Well, here is a preview of the star studded concerts in Pittsburgh.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry is on her world tour and will visit Pittsburgh earlier on 22nd July at the Consol Energy Center. Tickets are available online for about $78 and may go up to $125 at the gate. Katy Perry is known for her sweet voice and many chart topping songs that will leave the crowd roaring for more. She also dances along with her back up dancers making the event a must see for any rock lover. You will have memorable stories about the event. Also performing is Capitol Cities and they have many songs in stock for you. Katy Perry is a world renowned musician and she is known to give her fans the best at an in event so be sure not to miss out.

Miley Cyrus
Another world renowned star will be performing in Pittsburgh on the 4th of August at the Consol Energy Center. Apart from rocking the crowd with her songs she might twerk, which gave her internet fame and you should be there to witness it live. Tickets are available on various online resellers for about $37 and you should get them early, avoiding getting locked out. She will be performing her many chart topping songs from Wrecking Ball to We Can’t Stop the Music. This is not an event to miss out on.

Demi Lovato
The actress turned rock star will visit Pittsburgh on 9th September. She will be performing in the Petersen Events Center at the University of Pittsburgh. Tickets are available at the ticket master for $67 get them in advance. This event will be fun, intelligent and lively with the best songs played. Some of her best singles this year are Really Don’t Care, Neon Lights and Heart Attack. Expect to hear her melodious voice performing this for you and cool dance moves. She will also perform Let It Go from the Disney movie Frozen. This event will be forever stuck in your mind so don’t miss out.

New Offensive Coordinator for Dallas

Dallas Cowboys are Back for the Ride

The Dallas Cowboys had it rough last season; however that has changed and now is the time to purchase Dallas Cowboys tickets. They realize their defense was bringing them down so they did something about it; stepped up the already power house of an offense. This season is their season to show what they are made of. They have no choice, but to do so; Jason Garrett’s job is riding on it. Now is the time to go above and beyond finishing the season being 8-8.

The team needed a new strategy and that’s what they got a new strategy; Starting from the top by pulling in Scott Linehan as the new offensive play caller, definitely a strategic move on the Jerry Jones’ part. Linehar has already worked with Megatron aka Calvin Johnson from the Lions; so working with a dynamic individual will not be an issue. Linehar already has plans on how and what he will do offense- wise. He is going to utilize Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant to make pass plays between Romo. Linehar has a reputation for pass plays; and usually it works. He is going to bring it to Dallas and see how it pans out. Linehar will actually execute what Garrett talked about doing; Linehar will make sure to have the ball going to Murray.

The Cowboys do have an advantage over the teams in the NFC East; none of the other teams have a solid defense and the offensive line for the other teams is constantly slipping. Dallas understands that they need to make sure they have insurance; which is why they signed another wide receiver Dez Briscoe. While there wasn’t much they could do about the defense or lack thereof; there is always an alternative start at the top. Moving Rod Marinelli into the Defensive Coordinator spot and dropping Monte Kiffin down to an assistant will assist with bringing out what the defensive line needs. That is utilizing what strong players they have and coordinating with the offense. Although they have lost some players, between Linehar and Marinelli; they will push the ones they have.

Some may say that in order for Dallas to be on top is for the offense to explode each and every game. Which is not the case; combining the likes of Linehar and Marinelli is what will bring the team to the top. The two realize that you work each player and you don’t lose sight of who the play makers are. The franchise will be spelling success this season.

South Park Guys Do It Again!

The Book of Mormon: A Hugely Popular Musical in a Small Theater

Big Broadway productions are big for two reasons. First, from the view point of the audience, they are over the top, meant to whisk the spectators away to a land of song, dance, merriment, and sometimes emotionally moving scenes. Second, from the perspective of the producers, they want to make a big buck off these lavish sets and stories. The Book of Mormon is a perfect example of one of those Big Broadway musicals that leaves both parties blithely intoxicated so get your Book of Mormon discount tickets today before they get to expensive for you to enjoy the show.

According to a Variety article called “‘Mormon’ Sales Aim for Heaven,” the Book of Mormon has set the venue record for ticket sales for the 12th straight week, bringing in $1,265,309 at the Eugene O’Neill Theater. The show’s impressive draw really is the result of a perfect storm of factors.

First, the Book of Mormon is able to attract a non-traditional audience thanks to two of the names on the creative list, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Anyone who has followed their career has noted their penchant for big musical numbers, including moving scenes in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and Team America: World Police. This is simply the first time the duo has collaborated on a live stage musical. Still, their involvement surely intrigues an audience that would normally simply avoid the theater district.

Second, the Book of Mormon just took home eight Tony Awards after being nominated for 13. Those wins include Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, and Best Original Score. The production already enjoyed high praise and national interest, but the addition of some very impressive awards are only going to convince more people to attend a show at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. This increase interest drives ticket prices higher, as is evident in the Variety article. Gordon Cox, the author of the article, writes that the non-premium price tag for seats to the show have increased to $153 at the official box office in the last week. Salt Lake City ABC 4 reporter Chris Vanocur confirms those findings, noting, in his July 11th article documenting his trip to NYC to see the show, the ticket prices have increased to over $200 on secondary ticket sources around the web.

Third, the Book of Mormon musical is playing at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. The theater is well within the seating parameters of an official Broadway stage, but has far from the capacity of a theater like the Gershwin, where Wicked resides. This is most likely in part because the trio of creative talent (Parker, Stone, and Avenue Q creator Robert Lopez) skipped a tryout run, which surely made venue owners and financial backers nervous. The Eugene O’Neill Theatre was most likely a compromise, between mitigating risk factors and the acknowledgement that the South Park team could court a different audience. The rather limited capacity of 1,049 a night is helping to drive up those ticket prices and force many to postpone their trip to the show, elongating the show’s sold out run.

Now, the show may very well have been equally as successful in a larger venue, but the combination of interest from a previously alien audience, buzz after the Tony Awards, and a smaller venue have certainly aided the show. To steal a strategy from another industry, it is better to book a smaller venue and fill it than to book a larger venue and play to a half filled room.

Green Bay Stronger This Season?

Green Bay Packers Strengths and Weaknesses in the 2014-2015 Season

It may be the coldest American football venue but the fans are warming up for what may become another great season for the Green Bay Packers. Even with a poor team, they have managed to give some of the best moments each and every season. Get your cheap Green Bay Packers Tickets online at stubhub.

The Packers Strengths
Aaron Rodgers at Quarterback
Some say he’s the best quarter back at the moment and I tend to agree with them. At the age of 30 he still have a few more years left in his legs. All that the manager can hope for is that he continues with the regular season 6-2 record he had in 2013 and Green Bay shall be in the play offs again this year. Considering that other marquee quarterbacks such as Dru Brees and Payton Manning are in over 36 years, there is still a lot more coming from him.

Their Running Game is Great
A good quarterback is even better with a great running game. They might have drafted Eddy Lacy at number 61 in 2013, but no one can deny the impact he has had in the team. Setting Packers records is no small achievement and the fact that he was voted the best rookie of the year, should only be a sign of worry for other teams’ defensive lineups.

The Team Weaknesses
There is little doubt that for Green Bay to make an impact in this season, a lot will need to be done by the defensive coaches. If there is one thing that the Seahawks proved in the last season that a good defense is extremely important in modern day football. The packers will need to find someone to step up and get the turnovers they need to win the Super Bowl. Clay Mathews was not a full health in the last season and his backups did not perform as expected.

As if that is not enough, their safeties did not make a single interception in the 2013 season. That does not augur well for a Packers franchise that is known for great defense. But for a whole safety position to go without an interception in a whole season is a sign that the coaching staff will need to put in a lot more work.

In the modern football game its necessary to have a well rounded team. Obviously Green Bay Packers have an excellent offense that is still young. However, a lot will need to be done this season to find defensive players. Otherwise the results may be worse than last season when they made it to the first round of the playoffs.

Raging Summer Concerts

Columbus in August – Plenty of Melody to Go Around

Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, has always had a rich and interesting live music scene, which has grown considerably over the years and finding cheap concert tickets for sale is ridiculously hard. This August, prepare yourself for a musical onslaught, with tunes from genres as varied as free jazz, hard rock, progressive rock, and smooth blues wafting through the walls of venues throughout the city. Some artists are legends; revered figures who have written the rules. Others are on their way to making history. But they all have one thing in common – They really know how to rock an audience!

The revels begin on August 10th, when the Manchester City Orchestra teams up with Chicago alt-rockers Ok Go. Ok Go began their musical career as a band in 1998, and have now become famous for their well-planned (and often rather crazy) music videos. Their first album, Ok Go, released in 2002 received a lot of airplay, and they have since produced several hit singles, such as Here It Goes Again, WTF and A Million Ways. Expect a power-packed performance from the strings/alternative rock collaboration, performing at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.

Jazz legends Steely Dan are next in line, performing at the Palace Theater on August 13th. Creative gods Walter Becker and Donald Fagen are the primary driving force of the band, untiringly looking for that perfect sound. They have a reputation for being unrelenting perfectionists, and it shows in their music. Treat yourself to beautiful arrangements of jazz-inspired harmonies, undertones of funk and R&B, and and unfailingly wry, satirical lyrics which have characterized all of Steely Dan’s songs.

Rush back to the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion on August 14th. And you really will have to rush, because this is one show you do not want to miss. Blues legend and inspiration to millions including the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix – Buddy Guy will be taking the stage. As if his presence is not enough, we also have blues singer and songwriter extraordinaire, Jonny Lang performing along with him. Get ready to drown in the blues!

What is it with the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion and amazing acts? The next band to occupy this hallowed space on the 20th of August is no less formidable in its own right, than any of the other artists mentioned. Boston, the rockers from, well, Boston, are going to be enriching the atmosphere with their stellar playing. Boston has been known to combine elements of hard rock, progressive rock and English pop, with their blended lead guitar harmonies and acoustic-electric combinations providing a delightfully unique sound.

Hold your breath, and observe a minute’s silence. The next act, on August 23d, is a one-man show. And this man plays, not the guitar, but the bass. Les Claypool, genius bassist and primary founding member of the very successful Primus, is going to take the Newport Music Hall by storm. With his hypnotic bass runs, fierce slap-popping and general stage presence, you will feel like you are in the company of someone ethereal – which you actually will be, if you do see Claypool live. Do not miss this chance to experience the real power of an often overlooked and ignored instrument, the bass guitar.

From flamenco bass guitar to jazz, from R&B to alternative rock, from progressive harmonies to the plain ol’ blues, the upcoming concerts in Columbus have it all. Get ready to wolf it all down, with the insatiable hunger of a true rock fan. Bon Appetit!

Redskins 2014 Schedule Toughness

How Well Will the Washington Redskins Fare this Season?

Now that the National Football League released the 2014 season schedule, we are going to look at a handful of the Washington Redskins schedule, along with predictions and analysis. Make sure to buy Washington Redskins tickets at superstartickets.com.

Week One: Redskins at Texans
Sunday, September 7th, at 1 p.m. ET, Fox
There is a lot to be decided about the Texans’ team between now and the game; therefore, it is difficult to gain a feel for what may go down. However, if Houston has an able quarterback, mediocre Washington inevitably will have some problems with DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson.

Prediction: Texans 23, Washington Redskins 24
Week Five: Redskins versus Seahawks

Monday, October 6th, at 8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
So much of what happened to those franchises the past year and a half may be tracked back to that playoff game in 2012 where the Seattle Seahawks ended Washington Redskins season at the FedEx Field. Griffin experienced a torn LCL and ACL in the loss, and in 2013, he and the Redskins were a mess. In the meantime, the Seahawks utilized it as a stepping stone prior to winning the Super Bowl this last season.

The great news is that Washington’s reworked offense ought to present a brand new challenge for Seattle team’s vaunted defense. It might keep the Skins in this at home, yet they still will need to discover a method of slowing Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Co. down upon the ball’s defensive side.

The important thing there is going to be an abundance of pressure. Wilson included the most pressured quarterback within the league in 2013, and he was just average in these situations.

Prediction: Redskins 16, Seahawks 20
Week Seventeen: Redskins versus Cowboys
Sunday, December 28th, at 1 p.m. ET, Fox
The Skins outplayed the Cowboys at home within the 2012 finale and almost beat them again in FedEx Field, in spite of being a wreck without RGIII in December of 2013. Griffin, in the offseason, got healthier and the football team as a whole grew stronger, whereas Dallas took a tiny step back by losing Hatcher and DeMarcus Ware.
I do not believe that questionable Cowboys defense will have the ability to slow down Jackson, as well as the fast Redskins offense, particularly away from home.

Prediction: Cowboys 20, Redskins 23
Final Predictions
Final: 10-6
Based upon our game-by-game breakdown, we have the Washington Redskins team wrapping up the division prior to Week Seventeen, which might be rare within the NFC East. Yet, perhaps this division is prepared for that. The team got better upon both sides of the ball within the offseason, the New York Giants have a heck of a schedule, the Dallas Cowboys took one step back and Philadelphia lost one of its top offensive players.

Washington Redskins Chances

The Skins: Who are the Best of the Best?

The Washington Redskins have played American football professionally since 1932. They are situated in Washington DC and they belong to the NFC’s East Division. So who are the best players on the Redskins and how do they sell so many Redskins tickets? When a team does well, it is normally attributed to the team’s effort and unison in planning and executing their game plans. It is however undeniable that there are other players that create much effort than the others, and the Washington Redskins have such players. Currently, these are the best players the team can count on:

David Amerson
David Amerson who is the cornerback for the team was born on 8th December 1991 in Honolulu Hawaii. In his college days at the North Carolina State University, he was one of the top defensive backs from 2010 to 2012. After the season of 2011, he was awarded for being the defensive back in the college category and received a Jack Tatum Trophy. His professional career began in 2013 after he was picked from the second round by the Washington Redskins. With his 51st pick overall, he registered as the most selected in North Carolina as a defensive back since 1994.

Chris Baker
Chris Baker was born in Windsor, Connecticut on the 8th day of October 1987. He first played American football at the Pennsylvania State University where he attended college. After he got into a fight with some students he got expelled which made him transfer to Hampton where he continued with his game. Later on, before he joined the Washington Redskins, he played for the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins. In September 2011, he was signed by the Redskins’ practice quad and was promoted to the active roster later that year. Now he is the nose tackle as well as the defensive end to the team.

Stephen Alexander Bowen
He was born in North Carolina’s Holy Ridge on 28th March 1994. Bowen started with football as early as when he was only 7 years for his pee-wee team Baldwin Bombers. In high school he alternated between basketball and football but when he got to college, he made super defense for Hofstra University. Before he was signed by the Redskins, he played for the Dallas Cowboys (2006-2010). In July of 2011, he was already showing his prowess in defending the redskins. His tackles stand at 157, quarterbacks at 12.5, 8 pass deflections and only one forced fumbles.

These are just but a few of them who stand out in the Washington Redskins but even so without the other team members, they cannot make it.

Manny Machado

The Players to Lead the Orioles to Victory

The Baltimore Orioles is a team of focus for many sports analysis especially after a surprising 2012 season where they won 93 games and the backward step in 2013, the team has been listed among the unpredictable. The focus is actually on the players, the players that make the team what it is and determine how it performs. Let us check the team’s best players and buy your Baltimore Orioles tickets today!

Chris Davis
Davis is among the central players for the Baltimore Orioles. In the last season, he was among the best players who had the most hit with 53 homers standing as the most formidable player in the team. Davis has been a pivot of the team especially after his contribution in last season’s plays. He is the one player that the team relies on heavily, being that his strengths are the most important to the team’s overall success. He is a player to watch because he is expected to end up the top shot this season as well.

Manny Machado
Manny Machado does not attract attention because of his scoring skills but because he is expected to be back again. Nevertheless, Machado has had significant input in scoring as he is ranked among those who can get at least 20 homers. The return of the third base man early this season is expected to change the play of the Orioles. Known for his sturdy play and ability to bring up the team when there is need to, Manny Machado is definitely the player to watch as he is expected to bar some major setbacks that the team experienced last season.

Tommy Hunter
Also known as, Fantasy sleeper, Tommy is one player that the team will rely on heavily. He has worked his way to get the place that Jim Johnson recorded 50 plus saves. He is one of the best savers the team has at the moment. He is listed with Davis and Jones to be notable players that have the team’s fate in their hands. Last season, his performance catapulted the team to a better position. With the return of Machado, expect to see an increase in home run power as Hunter contributes to the team. However, Hunters lack of patience will not go unnoticed. He has the power, but the offense can be better if they are not picky at the plate. Especially after Orioles OBP of .313 last year compared to the average of .329 this is an area of concern that cannot be ignored.