New Offensive Coordinator for Dallas

Dallas Cowboys are Back for the Ride

The Dallas Cowboys had it rough last season; however that has changed and now is the time to purchase Dallas Cowboys tickets. They realize their defense was bringing them down so they did something about it; stepped up the already power house of an offense. This season is their season to show what they are made of. They have no choice, but to do so; Jason Garrett’s job is riding on it. Now is the time to go above and beyond finishing the season being 8-8.

The team needed a new strategy and that’s what they got a new strategy; Starting from the top by pulling in Scott Linehan¬†as the new offensive play caller, definitely a strategic move on the Jerry Jones’ part. Linehar has already worked with Megatron aka Calvin Johnson from the Lions; so working with a dynamic individual will not be an issue. Linehar already has plans on how and what he will do offense- wise. He is going to utilize Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant to make pass plays between Romo. Linehar has a reputation for pass plays; and usually it works. He is going to bring it to Dallas and see how it pans out. Linehar will actually execute what Garrett talked about doing; Linehar will make sure to have the ball going to Murray.

The Cowboys do have an advantage over the teams in the NFC East; none of the other teams have a solid defense and the offensive line for the other teams is constantly slipping. Dallas understands that they need to make sure they have insurance; which is why they signed another wide receiver Dez Briscoe. While there wasn’t much they could do about the defense or lack thereof; there is always an alternative start at the top. Moving Rod Marinelli into the Defensive Coordinator spot and dropping Monte Kiffin down to an assistant will assist with bringing out what the defensive line needs. That is utilizing what strong players they have and coordinating with the offense. Although they have lost some players, between Linehar and Marinelli; they will push the ones they have.

Some may say that in order for Dallas to be on top is for the offense to explode each and every game. Which is not the case; combining the likes of Linehar and Marinelli is what will bring the team to the top. The two realize that you work each player and you don’t lose sight of who the play makers are. The franchise will be spelling success this season.


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