Green Bay Stronger This Season?

Green Bay Packers Strengths and Weaknesses in the 2014-2015 Season

It may be the coldest American football venue but the fans are warming up for what may become another great season for the Green Bay Packers. Even with a poor team, they have managed to give some of the best moments each and every season. Get your cheap Green Bay Packers Tickets online at stubhub.

The Packers Strengths
Aaron Rodgers at Quarterback
Some say he’s the best quarter back at the moment and I tend to agree with them. At the age of 30 he still have a few more years left in his legs. All that the manager can hope for is that he continues with the regular season 6-2 record he had in 2013 and Green Bay shall be in the play offs again this year. Considering that other marquee quarterbacks such as Dru Brees and Payton Manning are in over 36 years, there is still a lot more coming from him.

Their Running Game is Great
A good quarterback is even better with a great running game. They might have drafted Eddy Lacy at number 61 in 2013, but no one can deny the impact he has had in the team. Setting Packers records is no small achievement and the fact that he was voted the best rookie of the year, should only be a sign of worry for other teams’ defensive lineups.

The Team Weaknesses
There is little doubt that for Green Bay to make an impact in this season, a lot will need to be done by the defensive coaches. If there is one thing that the Seahawks proved in the last season that a good defense is extremely important in modern day football. The packers will need to find someone to step up and get the turnovers they need to win the Super Bowl. Clay Mathews was not a full health in the last season and his backups did not perform as expected.

As if that is not enough, their safeties did not make a single interception in the 2013 season. That does not augur well for a Packers franchise that is known for great defense. But for a whole safety position to go without an interception in a whole season is a sign that the coaching staff will need to put in a lot more work.

In the modern football game its necessary to have a well rounded team. Obviously Green Bay Packers have an excellent offense that is still young. However, a lot will need to be done this season to find defensive players. Otherwise the results may be worse than last season when they made it to the first round of the playoffs.


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