Washington Redskins Chances

The Skins: Who are the Best of the Best?

The Washington Redskins have played American football professionally since 1932. They are situated in Washington DC and they belong to the NFC’s East Division. So who are the best players on the Redskins and how do they sell so many Redskins tickets? When a team does well, it is normally attributed to the team’s effort and unison in planning and executing their game plans. It is however undeniable that there are other players that create much effort than the others, and the Washington Redskins have such players. Currently, these are the best players the team can count on:

David Amerson
David Amerson who is the cornerback for the team was born on 8th December 1991 in Honolulu Hawaii. In his college days at the North Carolina State University, he was one of the top defensive backs from 2010 to 2012. After the season of 2011, he was awarded for being the defensive back in the college category and received a Jack Tatum Trophy. His professional career began in 2013 after he was picked from the second round by the Washington Redskins. With his 51st pick overall, he registered as the most selected in North Carolina as a defensive back since 1994.

Chris Baker
Chris Baker was born in Windsor, Connecticut on the 8th day of October 1987. He first played American football at the Pennsylvania State University where he attended college. After he got into a fight with some students he got expelled which made him transfer to Hampton where he continued with his game. Later on, before he joined the Washington Redskins, he played for the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins. In September 2011, he was signed by the Redskins’ practice quad and was promoted to the active roster later that year. Now he is the nose tackle as well as the defensive end to the team.

Stephen Alexander Bowen
He was born in North Carolina’s Holy Ridge on 28th March 1994. Bowen started with football as early as when he was only 7 years for his pee-wee team Baldwin Bombers. In high school he alternated between basketball and football but when he got to college, he made super defense for Hofstra University. Before he was signed by the Redskins, he played for the Dallas Cowboys (2006-2010). In July of 2011, he was already showing his prowess in defending the redskins. His tackles stand at 157, quarterbacks at 12.5, 8 pass deflections and only one forced fumbles.

These are just but a few of them who stand out in the Washington Redskins but even so without the other team members, they cannot make it.


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