Redskins 2014 Schedule Toughness

How Well Will the Washington Redskins Fare this Season?

Now that the National Football League released the 2014 season schedule, we are going to look at a handful of the Washington Redskins schedule, along with predictions and analysis. Make sure to buy Washington Redskins tickets at

Week One: Redskins at Texans
Sunday, September 7th, at 1 p.m. ET, Fox
There is a lot to be decided about the Texans’ team between now and the game; therefore, it is difficult to gain a feel for what may go down. However, if Houston has an able quarterback, mediocre Washington inevitably will have some problems with DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson.

Prediction: Texans 23, Washington Redskins 24
Week Five: Redskins versus Seahawks

Monday, October 6th, at 8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
So much of what happened to those franchises the past year and a half may be tracked back to that playoff game in 2012 where the Seattle Seahawks ended Washington Redskins season at the FedEx Field. Griffin experienced a torn LCL and ACL in the loss, and in 2013, he and the Redskins were a mess. In the meantime, the Seahawks utilized it as a stepping stone prior to winning the Super Bowl this last season.

The great news is that Washington’s reworked offense ought to present a brand new challenge for Seattle team’s vaunted defense. It might keep the Skins in this at home, yet they still will need to discover a method of slowing Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Co. down upon the ball’s defensive side.

The important thing there is going to be an abundance of pressure. Wilson included the most pressured quarterback within the league in 2013, and he was just average in these situations.

Prediction: Redskins 16, Seahawks 20
Week Seventeen: Redskins versus Cowboys
Sunday, December 28th, at 1 p.m. ET, Fox
The Skins outplayed the Cowboys at home within the 2012 finale and almost beat them again in FedEx Field, in spite of being a wreck without RGIII in December of 2013. Griffin, in the offseason, got healthier and the football team as a whole grew stronger, whereas Dallas took a tiny step back by losing Hatcher and DeMarcus Ware.
I do not believe that questionable Cowboys defense will have the ability to slow down Jackson, as well as the fast Redskins offense, particularly away from home.

Prediction: Cowboys 20, Redskins 23
Final Predictions
Final: 10-6
Based upon our game-by-game breakdown, we have the Washington Redskins team wrapping up the division prior to Week Seventeen, which might be rare within the NFC East. Yet, perhaps this division is prepared for that. The team got better upon both sides of the ball within the offseason, the New York Giants have a heck of a schedule, the Dallas Cowboys took one step back and Philadelphia lost one of its top offensive players.


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