Manny Machado

The Players to Lead the Orioles to Victory

The Baltimore Orioles is a team of focus for many sports analysis especially after a surprising 2012 season where they won 93 games and the backward step in 2013, the team has been listed among the unpredictable. The focus is actually on the players, the players that make the team what it is and determine how it performs. Let us check the team’s best players and buy your Baltimore Orioles tickets today!

Chris Davis
Davis is among the central players for the Baltimore Orioles. In the last season, he was among the best players who had the most hit with 53 homers standing as the most formidable player in the team. Davis has been a pivot of the team especially after his contribution in last season’s plays. He is the one player that the team relies on heavily, being that his strengths are the most important to the team’s overall success. He is a player to watch because he is expected to end up the top shot this season as well.

Manny Machado
Manny Machado does not attract attention because of his scoring skills but because he is expected to be back again. Nevertheless, Machado has had significant input in scoring as he is ranked among those who can get at least 20 homers. The return of the third base man early this season is expected to change the play of the Orioles. Known for his sturdy play and ability to bring up the team when there is need to, Manny Machado is definitely the player to watch as he is expected to bar some major setbacks that the team experienced last season.

Tommy Hunter
Also known as, Fantasy sleeper, Tommy is one player that the team will rely on heavily. He has worked his way to get the place that Jim Johnson recorded 50 plus saves. He is one of the best savers the team has at the moment. He is listed with Davis and Jones to be notable players that have the team’s fate in their hands. Last season, his performance catapulted the team to a better position. With the return of Machado, expect to see an increase in home run power as Hunter contributes to the team. However, Hunters lack of patience will not go unnoticed. He has the power, but the offense can be better if they are not picky at the plate. Especially after Orioles OBP of .313 last year compared to the average of .329 this is an area of concern that cannot be ignored.


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