Raging Summer Concerts

Columbus in August – Plenty of Melody to Go Around

Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, has always had a rich and interesting live music scene, which has grown considerably over the years and finding cheap concert tickets for sale is ridiculously hard. This August, prepare yourself for a musical onslaught, with tunes from genres as varied as free jazz, hard rock, progressive rock, and smooth blues wafting through the walls of venues throughout the city. Some artists are legends; revered figures who have written the rules. Others are on their way to making history. But they all have one thing in common – They really know how to rock an audience!

The revels begin on August 10th, when the Manchester City Orchestra teams up with Chicago alt-rockers Ok Go. Ok Go began their musical career as a band in 1998, and have now become famous for their well-planned (and often rather crazy) music videos. Their first album, Ok Go, released in 2002 received a lot of airplay, and they have since produced several hit singles, such as Here It Goes Again, WTF and A Million Ways. Expect a power-packed performance from the strings/alternative rock collaboration, performing at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.

Jazz legends Steely Dan are next in line, performing at the Palace Theater on August 13th. Creative gods Walter Becker and Donald Fagen are the primary driving force of the band, untiringly looking for that perfect sound. They have a reputation for being unrelenting perfectionists, and it shows in their music. Treat yourself to beautiful arrangements of jazz-inspired harmonies, undertones of funk and R&B, and and unfailingly wry, satirical lyrics which have characterized all of Steely Dan’s songs.

Rush back to the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion on August 14th. And you really will have to rush, because this is one show you do not want to miss. Blues legend and inspiration to millions including the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix – Buddy Guy will be taking the stage. As if his presence is not enough, we also have blues singer and songwriter extraordinaire, Jonny Lang performing along with him. Get ready to drown in the blues!

What is it with the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion and amazing acts? The next band to occupy this hallowed space on the 20th of August is no less formidable in its own right, than any of the other artists mentioned. Boston, the rockers from, well, Boston, are going to be enriching the atmosphere with their stellar playing. Boston has been known to combine elements of hard rock, progressive rock and English pop, with their blended lead guitar harmonies and acoustic-electric combinations providing a delightfully unique sound.

Hold your breath, and observe a minute’s silence. The next act, on August 23d, is a one-man show. And this man plays, not the guitar, but the bass. Les Claypool, genius bassist and primary founding member of the very successful Primus, is going to take the Newport Music Hall by storm. With his hypnotic bass runs, fierce slap-popping and general stage presence, you will feel like you are in the company of someone ethereal – which you actually will be, if you do see Claypool live. Do not miss this chance to experience the real power of an often overlooked and ignored instrument, the bass guitar.

From flamenco bass guitar to jazz, from R&B to alternative rock, from progressive harmonies to the plain ol’ blues, the upcoming concerts in Columbus have it all. Get ready to wolf it all down, with the insatiable hunger of a true rock fan. Bon Appetit!


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